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Our Company Benefits
We know that the success of our company is inevitably related to our committed and skilled IT people of If who contribute their time and expertise to help make our company the most caring insurance company. Therefore, we at If are committed to providing our employees with a comprehensive benefit pr
Developing a Passion For Learning
We all are witnessing how fast the business environment can be forced to change. It requires to adopt and learn new things every day. The IT industry has been a frontrunner for new products and solution. However, we are still facing a significant lack of skills. According to “Global Knowledge - IT D
Dress up Your Teams Background With If Office Themes
Do you remember how it was waking up in the morning and going to work? Do you miss the good old days in the office? Do you even remember how your office looked like? With our new custom made office themed backgrounds for Microsoft Teams collaboration app we are bringing back good memories to our co
IT Annual Report 2020
While socializing was replaced with distancing, we at If Insurance Baltic (If P&C Insurance AS) IT organization still managed to keep up the good work during very special year of 2020. Besides work duties we safely spent exciting moments together going cycling, participating in team sports and expl

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