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"Regardless of whether it’s a good or challenging time, here at If the team is always there for me."

Test automation specialist – who develops frameworks for test scenario automation and automates various test scenarios. His goal is to make a tester’s life easier so they don’t have to repeatedly test the same scenarios over and over (and over) again. By doing so, test automation specialists help to increase test coverage.

In his spare time, Agris has an impressive to do list, but still finds the time for reading various IT articles or just surfing the internet, looking for funny pictures that could cheer someone up :). These activities allow him to stay active while self-developing and learning new things. Of course, having fun from time to time is very important as well.

Agris admits, that the most crucial reason why he loves working at If, is because here he feels comfortable – “people are polite, with a positive attitude and they are joyful as well”, he says.

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