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TESTING THEORY AND PRACTICE. What is testing? How tester should think? What types of testing can be used? What tools can be helpful in testing? How to test mobile applications? These and many more theoretical questions as well as practical skills students will learn in the first three months.
POLISHING TESTING SKILLS. Next three months are used to polish acquired knowledge and skills in teams and real business projects.
I'M EMPLOYEE! Three month long probationary period for a full-time employee starts right after successful junior tester school graduation. New employee receives his own mentor which will guide and help through these three months.

Explorers and investigators through ages have made plans, kept records, written log books and drawn maps. We invite you to take journey into sea of solutions and products and learn how to cross it safely and with a great satisfaction factor for users. Take a chance to become a tester – skilled navigator who helps the IT crew deliver the cargo to the customer.

Anna Gintere
Test competenece development lead