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Since 2014 we are having Hackathon events we call HackIf. Despite the title we are not trying to ‘hack’ our company, but rather allocate two days for our beloved IT engineers to run wild with their imagination and create projects & prototypes that could in any way help company, business or society as such.

2 months

Internal idea bank- anyone can freely submit their ideas and which serves as a backlog for HackIf projects

The most interesting ideas gets likes

When HackIf starts – ideas with most likes have higher chance to be picked up by IT engineers as their project

2 days

Kickoff meeting and team introductions teams of 4-6 IT engineers formed (QA, developers, analysts etc.)

Teams focus on designing the product until it’s “presentable”

Mentors and idea authors help to facilitate more efficient product development

A sleepless night

Last day is to wrap up the project and prepare for team presentations

Teams are being rated by grand jury consisting by all kinds of If insurance key specialists

Developed ideas were raging from optical recognition and AI to web applications and more

And lets not forget about prizes, last year winners got brand new Oculus rift VR glasses and were submerged into the virtual reality (no one has seen them since J )


people participated


ideas were submitted


ideas were picked up


projects have been completed

This is hardly news for anyone, but Hackathons are one of the best ways how to drive innovation internally by engaging with your colleagues.

Oskars Žerbis
Head of Agile